Zendaya and Tom Holland Go To Tattoo Shop in NYC

Zendaya and Tom Holland go to tattoo shop in NYC. The Spiderman: Homecoming stars were spotted walking out of a building together with a few friends. They were both wearing warm clothes to shield them from the dreary weather. After arriving to Bang Bang tattoo shop, a famous tattoo place in New York, they both walked in. Tom got out first and went straight in. Zendaya said hi to the team and conversed with them for a bit. She even took a snapchat of her and 247paps.tv together. Later on when they were leaving, Tom came over and greeted the team, thanking them for supporting them. When asked if he got a tattoo, Tom said, “Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.” The team asked Zendaya as well, but she just gave a mischievous shrug, not revealing anything.

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