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(Exclusive) (New) Rihanna Backstage of her AntiWorldTour chilling with her RihannaNavy 040416

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EXCLUSIVE - Rihanna having a good time with friends and family after her great performance in Philadelphia , she hung out for hours talking with us and other Navy til 2 am . PositivePaps 247papstv

NEW – Rihanna at Roc Nation Headquarters in NYC 03-28-16

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New - Rihanna was spotted heading to Roc Nation Headquarters in NYC for business meetings. She rocked a dope Green Gucci Tracksuit for her outing. She was in a great mood on her way in, and she expressed how happy she...

(EXCLUSIVE) (NEW) Rihanna shooting her New Music Video in Miami at 2am 031616

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Exclusive - Rihanna shooting her New Music Video in Miami at 2am , there were Huge big wheel pink Cadillac , Rihanna on a motorcycle and on a boat check it out .

(New) Rihanna Gives Homeless Lady Money after Clubbing in NYC

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BrandNew - Rihanna at Club SOB'S first , that she went to Club 1Oak til 430 am . On her way out she jumped in her SUV and told her body Guard to give a Homeless lady who was asking Rih for money . After the Homeless l...

(Exclusive) Rihanna says she cry’s her self to sleep Missing Us AWWW Moment 12-22-14

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Exclusive - Rihanna leaving her dentist office , took a picture with my #247papsfamily member and says that she misses us so much that she cries her self to sleep at night .

(Exclusive) Rihanna leaving Da Silvano Restaurant during a Rainy Night in NYC 12-05-14

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Rihanna leaving Da Silvano Restaurant during a Rainy Night last night she was night having no part of that rain rushing into her SUV .

Rihanna and Melissa Forde Arriving at JFK Airport from London 12-03-14

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NEW - Rihanna arriving at JFK Airport with her Best Friend Melissa Forde , Rihanna was all smiles when she saw her #NYCNavy #RihannaNavy waiting for her at the Airport , she side stepped accouple randoms before going ...

Rihanna arriving at the Recording Studio ALL SMILES IN NYC 11-25-14

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Rihanna arriving at the Recording Studio ALL SMILES after i told her that i love that snippet of her new music which she put on Instagram .

(New) Rihanna heads to Roc Nation Headquarters to finalize her new album in NYC 11-24-14

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Rihanna heads to Roc Nation Headquarters to finalize her new album , Rihanna left Roc Nation Headquarters with Melissa and her Grand Dad i ask them about R8 and i asked GrandPa Too but they laughed and got in there SU...

EXCLUSIVE – Rihanna at the Mugler Ball in Queens NYC 11-08-14

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EXCLUSIVE - Rihanna at the Mugler Ball in Queens NYC , She stopped for her Rihanna Navy outside the venue and gave them all hugs before jumping in there SUV

(Exclusive) Rihanna And Naomi Campbell having Dinner Together in SOHO NYC 11-07-14

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Rihanna having Dinner with Super Model Naomi Campbell at Sant Ambroeus SoHo in NYC

(Exclusive) Rihanna Celebrating Grandpa Bravo Birthday in NYC 11-03-14

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Rihanna celebrating granfaddaBRAVO birthday at Phillippe Chow Restaurant in NYC , the fenty family was all in the house and Ri was Shining with Baby Majesty .

Rihanna talks about being back on Instagram in NYC 11-02-14

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Rihanna talks about being back on Instagram while arriving to Da Silvano , she said its going to BE FUN AGAIN .

Rihanna Takes pictures with a Fan at the Dentist office in NYC 10-21-14

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Rihanna Takes pictures with a #247papsfamily member at the Dentist office before jumping in her SUV

Rihanna rocking Clear glasses at Da Silvano Restaurant NYC 10-20-14

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Rihanna rocking Clear glasses looking Sophisticated while having a late night Dinner at Da Silvano Restaurant , then she later went into an office building for a meeting .

Rihanna HUGS RihannaNavy outside of NOBU NYC 10-19-14

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Rihanna leaving Nobu Restaurant , she stopped and Hugged her NYC RihannaNavy before jumping in her SUV .

(Exclusive) Rihanna Enjoying A Glass of wine at Da Silvano in NYC 10-18-14

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Rihanna Enjoying A Glass of wine at Da Silvano , she came out smiling rocking a long fur coat and she said that she missed me … very cool

(Exclusive) Rihanna talks about R8 at JFK Airport 10-01-14

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Exclusive @Rihanna Rihanna talks about R8 and potentially being a James Bond Girl . Riri also stopped to take pictures with fans before jumping in her SUV Check it out .

(Exclusive) Rihanna Gives Homeless Man $40 at Club 1 Oak in NYC

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Exclusive @Rihanna #Rihanna arriving at Club 1 Oak with her Best Friend Melissa , a well known Homeless man asked #Riri hey ya ever date a homeless man she smiled and recognized him and told him ill talk to you on the...

#Exclusive Rihanna at her CFDA AFTERPARTY showing love to her Rihanna Navy 06-03-14

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#Rihanna arrived at 130 am looking fabulous in all white she waived at the Navy b efore going in , then she left at 330 am and she saw her Rihanna Navy Hangout waiting for her and her face was shining she signed autog...

Rihanna arriving to the CFDA Awards with Her Crew 06-02-14

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#RihannaNavy first showed us what gifts they had for RiRi and Mel , then #rihanna arrived with her crew rocking one of the most shiny , see threw dresses i ever seen looking amazing .

Rihanna leaving the Dentist office right Before CFDA 06-02-14

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#Rihanna all smiles rocking the Clear glasses and leaving the Dentist office making sure those pearly white teeth is shining for the CFDA .

(Exclusive) Rihanna rocking her new hairstyle clubbing late night 06-01-14

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#Rihanna step out in New York City rocking her new Curly back to black hairstyle while clubbing til 5am , she was so happy to see #rihannanavy outside waiting on her to come out , she gave them all hugs before jumping...

Rihanna at the dentist office in NYC 03-18-14

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Rihanna coming in and out from the dentist office in the west village , she waived at our cameras and she took a picture with a young lucky fan inside.

(Exclusive) Rihanna clubbing at the VIP Room in NYC 03-17-14

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Rihanna out with best friend Melissa at new hot spot VIP Room in the meat packing district NYC.

(Exclusive) Rihanna leaving through JFK Airport and Heading to Brazil 01-12-14

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Rihanna looked excited to be heading to Brazil for a Vogue Photoshoot, i asked her if she going to learn how to SAMBA WHILE SHES there and she said wait and see, melissa was there with her so BRAZIL get ready.

(Exclusive) Rihanna gets new tattoo by Bang bang late last night 01-11-14

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Rihanna arrives late to celebrity tattoo artist bang bang shop in soho, she got a new tattoo of a cross in her inside forearm. She came out at 430 am.

(Exclusive) Rihanna leaving Barclay center puts fan under her umbrella 01-11-14

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Rihanna came out from the nets and heat game smiling and telling us how great the game was, a young fan came over to her in the rain and got something signed and also took pictures with Rihanna before jumping in her S...

(Exclusive) Rihanna talks about 2014 after leaving Da Silvano 01-06-14

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Rihanna leaving her favorite restaurant Da Silvano rocking her new 2014 Chanel purse, we discussed her plans for 2014 check it out.

(Exclusive) Rihanna parties With Cara Delevingne on New Years 2014

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Rihanna , Melissa, Cara and all her girls partied until 4am at the 40/40 Club,  Rihanna wished us a Happy New Year before getting into her SUV

(Exclusive) Rihanna screams about the Cold Temperature in NYC

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Rihanna arriving to a late night business meeting. She said hello to our cameras before going into the building. She was rocking her Brown Fur Coat to stay warm, but upon leaving, a cold wind hit her and she screamed ...

(Exclusive) Rihanna puts Club Goer in Check in NYC 12-20-13

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Rihanna clubbing at the Pink Elephant last night had to curse out a woman that was coming up the stairs with her while she was existing the club, Rihanna says to the woman Next Sunday Bitch ill be here.

(Exclusive) Rihanna out clubbing at 3am in NYC last night 12-19-13

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Rihanna out clubbing was rocking her new Curley hair and a mini dress. Rihanna made some small talk with the camera. As Rihanna parties inside club Marquee, a party goer outside was doing his own dirty dancing. There ...

(Exclusive) Rihanna rocking a pink fur Coat out for a Late Dinner 12-17-13

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Rihanna having a late night dinner, i asked her what she thought of the Monster video, she said what do you think and i said off the hook, she smiled and she was on her way up stairs at the Soho House where she met up...

Rihanna Second day at her Photoshoot in the HighLine Studio 12-13-13

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Rihanna came out from the Highline Studio and she had a big smile on her face she turned to us and said aint it fucking freezing out here lol and we said yeah i do this for you Rih, then she got in her suv put the win...

(Exclusive) Rihanna Rocking New Bangs in NYC 12-12-13

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Rihanna leaving A Photo Shoot in the city rocking her new hairstyle with brand new bangs, she later arrived at her favorite Restaurant Da Salvano for a Late Dinner.

(Exclusive) Rihanna leaving Da Salvano Restaurant 12-11-13

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Rihanna rocking a fur trench coat leaving her Favorite Restaurant Da Salvano, she told me that the moving to NYC experience has been EPIC.

(Exclusive) Rihanna Flew in for Her Brother Rorreys Birthday Party 11-28-13

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Rihanna Flew from LA to NYC to attend Brother Rorrey's Bday Party at cluB FINALE, Riri arrived at 130 am and left at 500am, before leaving the club she took a picture with one of Rihanna Navy and she screamed out Digg...

Rihanna and Cara Delevingne arriving back to NYC together from New Orleans 11-17-13

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Rihanna and Cara Delevingne arriving back to NYC together from Riri's last show on the DWT in New Orleans, they both looked exhausted when they entered there hotels.

Rihanna loves the Shirt Made From 247paps.tv 11-09-13

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After Having a Late Dinner last Night Rihanna arrived back to her hotel and I gave her a Shirt that says i see you mama abd she loved it ….

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