Rihanna Working with Spike Lee?

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Rihanna working with Spike Lee? The singer was spotted getting out of a car with the film director. “Spike Lee with Rihanna!” 247papstv shouted out, making Rihanna laugh. The two of them headed into Spike Lee’s office in Brooklyn. They were in there talking and hanging out for 2 hours. Later, Spike walked Rihanna back to her car. 247papstv asked, “Spike, is she going to be your next movie star?”

Spike responded with a laugh and said, “You gotta ask her!”

When 247papstv directed the question at RiRi, she was feisty and jolly in her answer, saying, “Never!” It got a good round of laughs from everyone. The singer hugged and thanked everyone before getting into her car.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Rihanna were to star in Spike’s movies. She’s done a few different acting roles, most recently in Valerian, which also stars Cara Delevingne. Given Spike’s track record, we can expect something good with an awesome diverse cast.

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