Rihanna Shoots for Paper Magazine (Pt. 2)

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Rihanna Shoots for Paper Magazine (Pt. 2)

RiRi stepped out of her trailer wearing big, red platform heels as well as a green wig. She went back into the store to shoot some pictures, but then for the second half of the shoot, she stood outside. There is a ton of graffiti art covering the walls on the side of the Deli & Grocery where RiRi posed. She had on a nice, fitted abstract dress. Working the camera, she pouted and offered several different poses to the photographers. Once the shoot was done, 247paps.tv told her what a great job she did, to which she said thank you. Then, they asked her if there is going to be a “Love On The Brain” music video, and RiRi replied, “If you’re lucky…because I sure hope so.”

After changing back into the outfit she came in, she came out of her trailer and hugged goodbye all the crew members of the shot before taking a few pictures with them. RiRi walked back to her car with the 247paps.tv crew.

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