Rihanna at Crop Over Festival 2017 (Pt. 3)

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Rihanna at Crop Over Festival 2017 (Pt. 3)

Crop Over is a traditional harvest festival held every year in the Barbados. Naturally, Rihanna, who is from the beautiful island, is always in attendance. She’s been taking over the festival the last couple of years and this year, she killed it with her look. She wore a gorgeous bejeweled bikini and a turquoise wig. The singer was dancing and drinking on a truck that was moving through the festival. Around her, all the festival goers were taking pictures and videos of her. RiRi was all smiles for them as she waved and got in the spirit of the event.

The announcer and DJ was playing a range of upbeat, Caribbean music. Rihanna and her crew were loving it despite the heat and sun, they were getting down to it. They even played “Wild Thoughts,” Rihanna’s collaboration with DJ Khaled. Several times, Rihanna looked out for 247papstv, waving and smiling at the team. At some point, RiRi took out a confetti gun and blasted it into the crowd, making everyone cheer.

Toward the end, RiRi put on her white shades and headed back to her van. She was seen taking off her costume before the doors shut. However, the party kept going on in the island. Everyone was still jamming out despite the singer’s exit. It was truly a fun day for the entire island.

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