Rihanna at Crop Over Festival 2017 (Pt. 1)

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Rihanna at Crop Over 2017 Festival (Pt. 1)

Crop Over is a traditional harvest festival held every year in the Barbados. Naturally, Rihanna, who is from the beautiful island, is always in attendance. She’s been taking over the festival the last couple of years and this year, she killed it with her look. Wearing a gorgeous bejeweled bikini and a turquoise wig, she stepped out of her van in the midst of the crowded festival. People were flocking to her, wanting to get a glimpse at her outfit. Her bright pink and green feathers were all anyone’s eyes could see.

Rihanna Crop Over 2017

Even with the crowd buzzing around her, she still seeked out 247papstv, giving a wave and smile in greeting. “You’re in Barbados!” she exclaimed with a big grin, excited that her favorite pap from New York was in her hometown. Slowly, she made her way through the throngs of people, all of whom had their cameras flipped on her. The music was bumping as she was led up onto the truck that would drive through the island for the festival.

Just like RiRi, many other beautiful women dressed up in the same outfit. They had beaded bikinis on and different colored feathered wings. RiRi’s best friend, Melissa, was there, too. She looked bad-ass in her sunglasses and purple feathers. She waved to 247papstv while greeting fans who approached her for a picture.

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