Psy Suited Up for Photoshoot

Psy was suited up for his photoshoot in New York City. The South Korean singer was up since 6 AM working, which included a lot of dancing and promoting. “Where do you get this energy from?” 247papstv asked him. Psy responded with a laugh and said, “From alcohol.”

He was in a good mood the whole day. Dressed in a smart, grey suit and bow-tie, he also donned a pair of white sunnies to keep the sunny day’s glare away. There was a ton of press to do, so he was in and out, with a photoshoot in the park in between all that. He stopped by z100 in the morning. Fans approached him for a autograph as well as a picture, which he graciously said yes to.

The “Gangnam Style” singer hasn’t released an album since 2015.

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