Mariah Carey Goes Out with Boyfriend Bryan Tanaka and Her Kids

Mariah Carey goes out with boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, and her kids. It was utter chaos outside of the singer’s apartment in New York City. There was a massive crowd surrounding the entrance. Fans, paparazzi, and some random people who just wanted to see who would come out. Mariah came downstairs with Bryan following behind as well as her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, who she had with her previous husband, Nick Cannon. They stood in the lobby for a good while as security tried to control the crowd outside to get everyone to the car as safely as possible. Her kids were taken out first and then when Mariah came out, camera flashes and scream erupted. Mariah was calm, cool and collected. She stuck close by her security and Bryan as they got to their car. Before going inside, she smiled and blew a kiss to everyone.

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