Kimye Touch Down in NYC with North in Good Spirits

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Kimye touch down in NYC at JFK with North in good spirits.

A fan approaches them at JFK, greeting Kanye when Kanye notices the fan’s bright, red Nike sneakers. He grabs the fan around the shoulders, pulls him in close, and starts asking him why he’s wearing those before launching into a debate with all those around about whether they’d wear the red Nikes or the Yeezy’s Kanye was sporting. Yeezy’s are the sneaker line that Kanye has designed alongside Adidas. “If I give these to you right now, would you throw those in the trash?” Kanye jokes with the fan, gesturing to their sneakers. He then takes down the fan’s information and tells him he will be sending him a new pair of Yeezy’s. “You gotta be enlightened,” Kanye preaches. “You gotta feel free.”

Asked about his comment regarding Beck and artistry, Kanye clarifies that he loves Beck and his jab was meant to be toward the Grammys. He was also asked, “Are you venturing into the fashion industry and is Kim going to be your muse?” Kanye stops walking and gestures to his long, fur coat. “Am I venturing into the fashion industry?” Kanye repeats with a hint of both sarcasm and amusement. “Man, do you see this coat? C’mon man.” Meanwhile, Kim keeps busy with making sure North and her reach to the car. Kanye helps Kim get in the car with North, who is looking like she just woke up from a nap. Kanye gushes about North before saying goodbye to everyone with a big smile.

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