Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Out in New York City

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise out in New York City. The mother-daughter duo stepped out of Trump Towers with a friend and it was clear Suri wasn’t happy. She was upset with the photographers and graphers who were waiting for her mom. Immediately, Suri grabbed onto Katie’s hand as they walked onto the sidewalk. When everyone got closer, Suri started lashing out. “Stop it! We’re trying to get to our car!” She even called out to her mom for help at times, but Katie remained tight lipped as she gave everyone a polite smile and led Suri and her friend to the car. A grapher got aggravated at Suri’s behavior and started calling her a brat, but 247paps.tv stepped in and told him to cut it out. She is, after all, a child and that’s no way to speak to someone so young.

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