Floyd Mayweather Walking in NYC and Talking About Justin Bieber

Floyd Mayweather walking in NYC and talking about Justin Bieber. The professional boxer was hanging out with a whole crew of people as they roamed the streets. Photographers and interviewers followed Mayweather, asking him about Justin Bieber. Justin, at the time, had gotten into a fist fight with a fan and Mayweather was asked to comment. He was Team Justin the whole time. The two have been tight friends for years and Justin has always been there to support Mayweather during fights. However, as of this past August, they’ve been on rocky terms after Justin unfollowed him on Instagram. This comes after Justin said Conor McGregor would win over Mayweather in their fight last week in Las Vegas. Mayweather did win and he also called Justin a “traitor.” Wonder if these two will patch up.

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