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(EXCLUSIVE) The Janoskians Leaving there show at Irving Plaza 10-12-14

The Janoskians Leaving there show at Irving Plaza 10-12-14

#Skip and #BeauBrooks first came off there tour bus and entered the venue , then when the show was over hundreds of fans waited for them outside Irving Plaza just to say bye to the boys , Jai Brooks, Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie, James Yammouni ALL came out and said bye while being […]

(Exclusive) Rihanna Gives Homeless Man $40 at Club 1 Oak in NYC

Exclusive @Rihanna #Rihanna arriving at Club 1 Oak with her Best Friend Melissa , a well known Homeless man asked #Riri hey ya ever date a homeless man she smiled and recognized him and told him ill talk to you on the way out , Riri came out and told her bodyguard hooking him up […]

Rihanna arriving at JFK Airport 07-08-14

Rihanna arriving at JFK airport with her Brother Rorrey Fenty and her Best friend Melissa , we talked about her Precious new Niece Majesty and her New Album Check it out . #RihannaNavy

Rixton Performing at Webster Hall in NYC 05-30-14

Jake Roche , Charley Bagnall , Lewi Morgan and Danny Wilkin performing at the sold out webster hall , every one couldnt stop talking about there performance how good they were , they even did an RKelly song and a Justin Timberlake track.

Justin Bieber Fans Fall on the Street while Chasing his Car

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber fans are some of the best fans in the world ! JB was leaving his Calvin Klein Photoshoot in Queens and a group of beliebers gathered outside. He stopped his car and lowered his window to take selfies with about 30 fans. A few didn’t get a chance to meet him […]

(Exclusive) Rixton performing outside Sirius Radio in NYC 03-04-14

UK Super Group RIXTON Danny Wilkin , Lewi Morgan , Jake Roche , Charley Bagnell outside Sirius radio station taking pictures with fans , they also talked to the fans for awhile , and suddenly the group breaks out in music and suddenly there performing for 50 fans outside the Radio Station.

The Janoskians Shut Down Times Square in NYC 02-22-14

It Started off pretty cool when The Janoskians Beau Brooks, Jai Brooks, Luke Brooks, Daniel (Skip) Sahyounie and James Yammouni arrived to times square then the chaos started hundreds turned into thousands , i looked like new years eve in Timesquare , the crowds were blocking of the street it was complete chaos , they […]

(Exclusive) Janoskians arriving at the airport 02-22-14

The Janoskians arrived early this morning from LA Jai Brooks , Beau Brooks , Luke Brooks ,James Yammouni , and Daniel Sahyounie was greeted by 30 fans who all were calm and they took pictures with all of them and also chatted with them for about an hour before they had leave the airport.

Justin Bieber brings fans inside his Hotel Garage in NYC 02-01-14

Thank you to my lil soldier for this video @bieberauhl_ – Justin Bieber came into his hotel at 5am in the morning , his security told 20 lucky fans to go inside the garage and they got to take pictures with him and they spoke to him for 15 min before letting them back out […]