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Rihanna Rocks New Bangs after Photoshoot in NYC

Rihanna Rihanna is seen leaving a photoshoot at Milk Studios, rocking a new hairstyle. She shows off her new Bangs after a long day shooting a magazine spread.     She heads to Da Silvano for a late night meal after she was done.

Rihanna makes sure we Miss her in NYC 11-09-13

Rihanna leaving her hotel in midtown asked me do I miss her and I said of course, then she said we could never go that long with out seeing each other, then I got Riri going into a restaurant.

Rihanna arriving to JFK Airport running LATE 09-10-13

Rihanna had to make her flight to the UK and they had to delay her flight to wait for her to board. She kindly signed some autographs on the way into her gate and she agreed to be our “Pen-pal” and stay in touch with us while overseas.

Rihanna arriving at the DOT club

Rihanna, Melissa and Leelee arriving at the the club everyone looks happy going in and Leelee gives me a little dance before going in the club.

Rihanna leaving NYC gives 247 a birthday hug 8/27/13

Rihanna rushing out of her hotel jumped into her SUV and took off to the airport, she arrived there with tons of people waiting for her. She smoothly walked through signed a couple of autographs and gave me a big belated birthday hug before departing.

Rihanna Films Budweiser Commercial on the streets of NYC

Rihanna leaving her hotel and arriving at her film set where she was filming a Budweiser Commercial in Midtown NYC. She was rocking long blonde hair as she came in and out of a SUV while they were filming . Between scenes she sat in a directors chair on Instagram and Twitter. Meanwhile many fans […]

Rihanna Makes a Fashion Statement in NYC 5/1/13

Rihanna leaving her hotel in NYC wearing a sick outfit. She stopped to take pictures with fans before jumping into her SUV . She then went in and out of this office building and later arrived at Da Silvano Restaurant where she told us that ” we better make her look good ” When she […]

Rihanna talks about Pour it Up Video while looking FLAWLESS in NYC

Rihanna leaving her hotel with her BFF Melissa . She stopped to chat with a couple fans and she took pictures with them as well before jumping into her SUV , She arrived at Di Salvano for Dinner  we asked how was the Barclays Center concert was. She replies ” EPIC” , she later came […]

Rihanna Talks that Talk with her Fans in NYC

Rihanna out and about in NYC. Rihanna was mobbed by waiting photographers and fans. Rihanna did her best to take pictures with her fans and sign some autographs. Rihanna later went out to work and for some dinner. When Rihanna exited the Italian restaurant she pretends to have an Italian accent and says her meal […]

Rihanna “Swerves” over-aggressive fan at her Hotel 8/12/13

Rihanna was spotted arriving to her NYC hotel after dining out with good friend Katy Perry. A group of fans waited to see her and she happily waved and smiled at them as she exited her car. But one fan wasn’t happy, and tried extra hard to get a photo with the singer. She ran […]

Rihanna Walking Around NYC in a Sheer Tube Top

Rihanna strolling in NYC wearing a sheer tube top and flowing skirt. Rihanna was so happy to talk 247Paps.TV about her grandmother who was not feeling well. Rihanna was very impressed by the ‘relevant & intelligent’ question we asked. Before Rihanna heads in her hotel, she makes time for pictures with fans.

Rihanna is “RihUnited” with good friend Katy Perry

Rihanna was spotted leaving her NYC hotel and heading to dinner with her good friend Katy Perry. They hadnt seen each other in a while, and had a nice meal at West Village restaurant “The Lion”. Rihanna smiled and joked with us as she headed inside.