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(Exclusive) Rihanna Gives Homeless Man $40 at Club 1 Oak in NYC

Exclusive @Rihanna #Rihanna arriving at Club 1 Oak with her Best Friend Melissa , a well known Homeless man asked #Riri hey ya ever date a homeless man she smiled and recognized him and told him ill talk to you on the way out , Riri came out and told her bodyguard hooking him up […]

Rihanna arriving at JFK Airport 07-08-14

Rihanna arriving at JFK airport with her Brother Rorrey Fenty and her Best friend Melissa , we talked about her Precious new Niece Majesty and her New Album Check it out . #RihannaNavy

Rixton Performing at Webster Hall in NYC 05-30-14

Jake Roche , Charley Bagnall , Lewi Morgan and Danny Wilkin performing at the sold out webster hall , every one couldnt stop talking about there performance how good they were , they even did an RKelly song and a Justin Timberlake track.

(Exclusive) Rixton performing outside Sirius Radio in NYC 03-04-14

UK Super Group RIXTON Danny Wilkin , Lewi Morgan , Jake Roche , Charley Bagnell outside Sirius radio station taking pictures with fans , they also talked to the fans for awhile , and suddenly the group breaks out in music and suddenly there performing for 50 fans outside the Radio Station.

(Exclusive) Rihanna out clubbing at 3am in NYC last night 12-19-13

Rihanna out clubbing was rocking her new Curley hair and a mini dress. Rihanna made some small talk with the camera. As Rihanna parties inside club Marquee, a party goer outside was doing his own dirty dancing. There was a lot of action with some dry-humping, some rolling around on the snow covered floor, climbing […]

PINK Leaving Hotel

The incredibly popular and award winning singer, leaves the Grenwich Hotel carrying a Starbucks Beverage.