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Are Paparazzi Using Drones to Spy on Celebs? – Entertainment Tonight

ET takes an in-depth look at the use of drones — for movies and by the paparazzi. In terms of the film industry, drones seem to be a helpful invention. “It allows for really interesting new shot-making,” said director/actor Jon Favreau. “But like any new technology it has to be watched and it has to […]
Star Drone Wars Paparazzi Taking Photos Of Celebs From The Sky

Star Drone Wars: Paparazzi Taking Photos Of Celebs From The Sky – Inside Edition

It’s the new hi-tech front in the battle between paparazzi and celebrities—drones. Cesar Pena of 24-7 Paps TV claims to be the first of a new breed, the “drone-arrazzi.” Pena told INSIDE EDITION, “I’m changing the whole perception of how we do business.” He believes celebrities should like drones better than being crowded by photographers, […]