Cara Delevingne Celebrating Valentine’s Day at McDonalds

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The 247papstv team catches Cara Delevingne celebrating Valentine’s Day at McDonalds  in NYC. She appears to be alone, looking a bit tired and out of it as she orders her food at midnight. Despite her fatigue, she still greets 247papstv with a bright smile and says, “Oh hi, you guys,” clearly surprised. She proceeds to converse with them asking how they’re doing and what brought them there, even wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day. When asked about her plans that night, she replies, “I’m working.” Before saying goodbye she grabs some Coke with ice on her way out.

Cara’s definitely been keeping busy the past couple of years. Most recently, her film Valerian came out on July 21st, also starring Rihanna and Dane Dehaan, both of whom are close friends of hers.

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