BTS: in Barbados for Crop Over Festival 2017

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BTS: in Barbados for Crop Over Festival 2017

247 in 246! The team took over Barbados for the Crop Over Festival this year and this is your behind the scenes look into how they do what they do. Catch them from getting off the plane, to exploring the beaches as well as the rest of the island. But in true paps fashion, they had to seek out the stars. While there, the team not only caught Rihanna, who took over the Crop Over Festival, but also Lewis Hamilton. Lewis is a famous R1 Racer and Playboy. The team spotted him coming in from the airport and then later at the Crop Over Festival. He was there all day and into the night. In the video, you also spot Rihanna getting down during the festival to “Wild Thoughts.”

For downtime, the team took a boat out into the water, relaxed on the beach, and went scuba diving where they saw turtles!

“We had a great time, we did our thing, we out!”

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